Questions to ask at your consultation

Whether you have treatment with us or elsewhere, please be safe šŸ™

A few important questions to ask at your consultationā€¦

What are your aesthetics qualifications?
Where did you train?
Who are you insured with?
What aftercare do you offer?
How do you manage complications should these (hopefully not) occur?
Do you have an EpiPen/adrenaline on site- anaphylaxis can occur
Are you trained in Basic Life Support?
Do you have Hyalase on site for fillers- if a blood vessel becomes blocked that is a medical emergency!
Where do you buy your products from?

Never feel pressured to having treatment on the same day as a consultation, it goes against GMC Good Medical Guidelines.

Good aesthetics is never cheap, and cheap aesthetics is never good!

Anyone can buy and inject fillers (I know šŸ¤Æ) but the dissolvent is a POM- prescription only medicationā€¦ same as antibiotics