Do you really know who is injecting you 💉

Cheap aesthetics is never good, and good aesthetics is never cheap x

There has been a lot in the media lately about Botox & Filler, and the need to regulate the industry. Recently I’ve seen a lot of adverts on social media for Botox or filler parties, bring a friend, same day treatments…

At the moment, anyone can buy filler online. Pretty much anyone can inject filler. Anyone can do an online course in botox, fillers, fat dissolving…

Filler can potentially cause blindness, stroke, necrosis (tissue death) infection, anaphylaxis…

To dissolve filler, treat infections, treat anaphylaxis etc requires prescription only medication.

Botulinum toxin is a prescription only medication. It is by definition a toxin, a medical treatment and carries its own risks- infection, nerve problems, double vision…

Fat dissolving can lead in ulcers & infection…

Do you really know who is injecting you? (Dr Heather Wilkins)
What are their medical qualifications? (MBBS 2010 London)
When and where did they train? (Dr Hennessy Academy 2017 & 2018, MedFx, Enhance Me Aesthetics & more)

Will they say ‘no’ if treatment is not appropriate? (Definitely!!)

Who are they insured with? (Cosmetic Insure)
Where do they buy their products from? (MedFx, Church Pharmacy & others)
What happens if (worst case scenario) they block off a blood vessel or an infection develops? (My medical trolley has an EpiPen, there is more Adrenaline on site (sometimes more than one dose is needed), Hyalase dissolvent is on the trolley when I inject filler, antibiotics are on site and as a doctor if alternatives are needed I can give you a prescription then and there, I can call specialist aesthetic nurses & doctors (ACE) for immediate and routine expert advice)
How fast can they inject that dissolvent or adrenaline into you? (I can time it if you’d like, I reckon less than 2 minutes)
Who can support them when things go wrong? (ACE specialist nurses & doctors, aesthetics contacts, previous training schools)
Are they trained in life support? (Definitely!! I was frequently part of the hospital ‘crash team’ and am trained in out of hospital life support too)

How many times have they performed that procedure on a client like you? (It varies as everyone is different, we are always looking for new methods & skills and therefore sometimes require portfolio models. Rest assured, all pre & post treatment care is the same- just a few extra photos. Our full portfolio is available to view at consultations so we can show realistic results)

ACE provide great leaflets with questions to help choose your aesthetics practitioner.


As per GMC Good Medical Practice guidelines Angel Aesthetics will not provide aesthetic treatment on the same day as your face to face consultation. This is to ensure that it is appropriate & safe, and so you can give informed consent.

We’ve all made hasty decisions (new haircut for example), botox & fillers should not be one of them. We will send you the relevant leaflets and links to help you make an informed decision.

We like to meet you first not only so we can assess you, but so you can assess us! You meet your injector, you can see the clinic, we can ‘walk through’ the procedure if you like, you can see the needles products & emergency kit, you can check certificates, you can check insurance…