Modern chemical peels available soon in Mildenhall soon!

We are delighted to announce that from September we will be offering modern chemical peel appointments from ‘The Complementary Health Clinic’ in Mildenhall.

Consultations with Dr. Wilkins who performs all treatments are free and no obligation and include a patch test if you wish to proceed with treatment.

Biorepeel is a modern chemical peel, nothing like the peels from years ago. It acts to brighten and tighten skin leaving it soft and glowing. By targeting both superficial and deep levels this peel acts to rejuvenate, illuminate and plump up the skin. Wrinkles are reduced and new collagen growth is stimulated. Oily skin, enlarged pores and acne are improved. With minimal pain, minimal downtime and no needles this really is a delightful treatment.

Usually a series of treatments are required and results boosted with post treatment serum. This peel can be used to treat areas including the face, neck, décolletage, feet, elbows, knees & hands.

💙 Peel packages available 💙