Happy Easter!

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As we leave the long weekend behind full of Easter memories, please remember those people working keeping us safe- thank you all! #easter #nhs #thankyounhs #coronavirus #staysafe #angelaestheticsely #ely #cambridge #keyworkers

Reading up about the latest ‘botox’ and fillers in Aesthetics journal

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Keeping up to date is essential for all doctors, nurses and dentists in the aesthetics business. As a doctor we have to keep a record of all ‘continuing professional development’ learning that we do throughout the year, in addition to our clinical practice. The General Medical Council requires at least 250 hours per 5 years, […]

New Treatment coming later this month!

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Coming later this month… Consultations with our medical doctor to discuss the treatment of teeth grinding! Bruxism is a condition where you clench, grind or clamp your teeth. This can occur during sleep or when awake. It can be caused by stress, and lead to headaches, facial pain and swelling, as well as damage to […]